Stainless Steel Table

Stainless Steel Tables

Durable, hygienic and low maintence, our Stainless Steel Tables offer quality hand fabricated catering equipment that is built to last.

Displaypro have years of experience and expertise designing, manufacturing and installing commercial kitchens for restaurants, cafes and catering trailers.

For long lasting, high quality Stainless Steel Tables that are professional and functional we can provide your commercial kitchen, medical centre, laboratory or veterinary practice with equipment that meets your specific requirements.

Please visit our Bespoke Manufacturing page for more information about our facilities in Norfolk, and how we can help develop your next project anywhere in the UK.

Select from our stocked range of Stainless Steel Tables in a range of sizes and styles or submit a bespoke enquiry below.

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Stainless Steel Tables

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    Commercial Kitchen Stainless Steel Tables

    Stainless Steel Tables

    Common uses for Stainless Steel Tables:

    Kitchen and Food Preparation: Stainless steel tables are widely used in commercial kitchens and food processing facilities for food preparation, chopping, and plating. They are easy to clean and maintain, making them essential for maintaining food safety.

    Laboratories: They are common in laboratories, where stainless steel tables provide a clean and durable surface for experiments, equipment, and sample handling.

    Medical Facilities: Hospitals, medical clinics and veterinary practices often use stainless steel tables in operating rooms, sterilization areas, and other healthcare settings due to their easy cleaning and resistance to chemicals.

    Industrial Workstations: Stainless steel tables are used in industrial settings for various tasks such as assembly, testing, and equipment maintenance. Their strength and durability make them suitable for heavy-duty applications.

    Restaurants and Cafeterias: These are found in restaurants and cafeterias for food preparation and serving. They are often used as workstations for chefs and kitchen staff where stainless steel tables are perfect for hygiene regulations.

    Workshops and Garages: In home workshops and automotive garages, stainless steel tables provide a sturdy work surface for various tasks, including tool storage and vehicle maintenance.

    Outdoor Use: Stainless steel tables are also used in outdoor settings, such as barbecue areas, because they can withstand exposure to the elements.