Sneeze Guards

Our range of freestanding sneeze guards / food screens, are perfect for protecting your freshly prepared food that you wish to display in cafes, pop up stalls and restaurants.

Made from food safe clear acrylic, our Sneeze Guards are hand fabricated in the UK, providing a quality hygienic barrier to stop germs from coughs and sneezes landing on edible items and preventing the spread of bacteria.

Clear acrylic food screens are portable, easy to maintain, tougher than glass and low cost. These make a great cost effective solution for the safety of staff and customers from COVID-19 and other transmittable virus's.

Displaypro manufacture bespoke orders, so if you can't find the ideal size or style of Sneeze Guards or Food Screens, please submit an enquiry below.

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Food Sneeze Guards

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    5 items

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    Acrylic Sneeze Guards and Food Screens

    Sneeze guards are physical barriers or protective screens designed to help prevent the spread of germs, particularly respiratory droplets, between individuals in various settings. They are commonly used in food service establishments, healthcare facilities, retail stores, and other public spaces where close interaction between people is frequent. Sneeze guards serve several purposes:

    Hygiene: The primary purpose of sneeze guards is to protect food, products, or individuals from contamination by airborne particles, including respiratory droplets that may contain viruses or bacteria. This is especially important in food service areas where food needs to remain uncontaminated.

    COVID-19: During the COVID-19 pandemic, sneeze guards gained significant attention as a means to reduce the risk of virus transmission in places where social distancing may be challenging, such as at cash registers, reception desks, or checkout counters.

    Safety: Sneeze guards can also provide physical protection in areas where there's a risk of physical contact, such as in banks or retail environments, where they can help deter theft or provide a barrier between customers and employees.

    Customer Confidence: Having sneeze guards in place can make customers and employees feel safer and more comfortable in public spaces, which can be essential for businesses looking to maintain or regain customer trust during health crises.