Cupcake Stands and Acrylic Cake Risers

Your cake will truly be a piece de resistance when displayed on the right cake stand. The way your cakes and desserts are displayed is just as important as what they taste like. From professional bakers investing in beautiful cake stands, to the home baker providing the 'wow' factor, our acrylic cake displays are cost-effective, durable, re-usable, and food safe.

At Displaypro, we offer an array of acrylic cake risers, cake pop and cupcake stands that can be used to display cakes or desserts in your bakery, café, restaurant, or catering business.

Whether you need a clear and elegant-looking pedestal cake stand for a wedding or a tiered cupcake holder for a birthday party or christening, we have a selection of acrylic cake display stands for you. Our cupcake stands are incredibly popular and range from 2 - 7 tiers holding up to approximately 28 cupcakes.

Nothing looks more elegant than an acrylic stand for displaying your cakes, cupcakes, and pop cakes. Acrylic mimics the clear and sparkling properties of glass and has a big visual impact that can entice guests over. In addition, we can create bespoke wedding cake stands in a variety of pleasing styles and designs to show your creative flair.

Select from our stocked range of Acrylic Cupcakes Stands and Cake Stand Risers or submit a bespoke enquiry below.

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    High Quality Acrylic Cake Stands

    Wedding Cake Stands

    Our beautiful acrylic cake stands are made of premium quality materials and have innovative bespoke designs. We offer a variety of cake stands for weddings, birthdays, christenings, and parties made from high-strength acrylic in various styles.

    Wedding Cupcake Stands

    Our selection of cupcake stands can be used not just for displaying wedding cupcakes but a variety of teatime snacks like finger sandwiches, tarts, pies, and quiches, which can be part of your wedding buffet. Our cupcake stands are made from the best materials and offer you options to choose from two-tier, three-tier, four-tier, or stands of even more tiers, as well as different designs, including pastry display stands.

    Tiered Cake Stands

    If you want a dramatic look for your wedding or party cake, we offer you a variety of acrylic stands, including traditional two- or three- tier stands or tiered stands with a waterfall effect. No matter what your vision is for your big day, we offer sparkling and durable acrylic stands that deliver you the look you are after.

    Cake Pop Stands

    Cake pops are a contemporary dessert and deserve a striking and modern presentation. At Displaypro, we have a range of cake pop stands that have separate spaces to hold each cake pop safely, maximise their display, and pick them out easily.

    Order Your Cake Stands From Displaypro Today!

    Baking is an art that requires high quality ingredients, attention to detail, and years of practice. When it comes to your cake stands, you should demand the same quality from your cake stand supplier. If you are looking for high-quality acrylic cake stands, call Displaypro today!


    Displaypro online is a great place to buy your cake stands. We manufacture these in the UK ensuring these are high quality Perspex acrylic stands.  View our range and simply purchase via our checkout process, and we will dispatch within 1-2 days.

    Our acrylic cake stands are made of high-quality, non-chipping materials that can withstand significant force and do not shatter. We use only food-safe acrylic to make our cake stands. High quality acrylic is also scratch-resistant, anti-bacterial, and easy to clean. This means that you can reuse the acrylic cake stands without worrying about hygiene and safety concerns.

    No matter what style of cupcake stands you order, or number of tiers, we will ensure that they are easy to assemble and that you are able to set up an elaborate arrangement in just a matter of seconds. We provide an assembly sheet with each stand to make sure your cupcake stand goes together perfectly.

    Just use warm soapy water and no abrasives or chemicals. Ensure you store them safely and these will be perfect for your next event!

    Our acrylic cupcake stands can be used to display other types of savoury snacks or sweet desserts, including mini cakes, donuts, macaroons, cheesecakes, tiramisu, mini sandwiches - anything that makes great finger food is ideal! Why not use our cupcake stands to serve afternoon tea treats!

    Acrylic cake stands are long lasting, and 100% recyclable. These acrylic stands can withstand regular transport, setting up and cleaning so they are a perfect display option for use over and again. We provide a wide range of lightweight but very functional cake stands made from Perspex acrylic.

    One of the major benefits of our acrylic cake stands is that they are reusable. Since acrylic is a strong material, you can reuse your cake stand several times a day without impacting the quality of the stand or reducing its life. For wedding caterers, this is a very economical and helpful factor since they can display an array of cakes, wedding after wedding, without reducing the cake stand’s functionality and beauty, and allows you to hire out the stands time and again.