Log Stores & Fire Pits

Explore the full range of affordable fire pits and burners manufactured by Displaypro in the UK. 

All of our fire pits and burners are made from high-quality stainless steel and are built to last.

With our fire pits and burners, please ensure you follow the guidelines below:


  • Use heat-resistant gloves when handling things such as BBQ racks.
  • Have a supply of water on hand in case you need to damp down the fire.
  • Stay a suitable distance away from the fire to avoid getting burnt.
  • Use charcoal or well-seasoned wood on your fire pit.


  • Touch the fire pit whilst there is a fire active and make sure you give it enough time to cool down before moving.
  • Leave children unsupervised around a lite fire.
  • Light the fire pit near a hedge, grass, trees, tents, coverings, balcony's or buildings.