Cake and Pastry Cabinets

Acrylic Cake Cabinets are perfect to display and store delicous baked goods including cupcakes, cookies, doughnuts, flapjacks, pastries etc.

We manufacture our Cake and Pastry Cabinets from food safe acrylic using fixings to make the cabinets strong, long lasting and with minimum impact to the aesthetics or viewing of the items whilst creating a modern display cabinet.

Ideal for restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and pop-up food stalls. Suitable to be un-assembled and transported to different shows.

Combine our Cake Cabinets with our range of Acrylic Sneeze Guards and Cupcake Stands to create a beautifully presented food display thats hygienic, easy to maintain and protects your edible goods from bacteria and other virus's.

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    4 products

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    Acrylic Cake Cabinets and Pastry Displays

    Acrylic cake cabinets are display cases specifically designed for showcasing cakes and other baked goods. These cabinets are made primarily of acrylic, a transparent thermoplastic material that offers a clear view of the items inside. Acrylic has several advantages, including being lightweight, durable, and resistant to shattering.

    Here are some key features and considerations for acrylic cake cabinets:

    Visibility: Providing excellent visibility, acrylic allows customers to see the cakes from all angles. This is important for enticing customers and showcasing the artistry of the cakes.

    Durability: Its durability and resistance to impact makes acrylic cake cabinets a sturdy and long-lasting option for displaying delicate baked goods.

    Lightweight: Acrylic is lightweight compared to glass, making it easier to handle and move the cabinets when needed. This can be especially useful in a bakery or café setting where the layout may need occasional adjustments or moving to different food shows.

    Easy to Clean: Using a mild soap and water solution is typically sufficient for regular cleaning. Avoid using abrasive cleaners, as they can scratch the acrylic surface.

    Cost: Acrylic is generally more cost-effective than glass, making acrylic cake cabinets a more budget-friendly option for businesses.