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Your shop’s front design provides your business’ first impression to potential customers. That’s why your shop sign should be designed in such a way that it stands apart from other signage in the vicinity and call attention to itself. In addition, it should reflect your business identity and comply with the local requirements as well.

At Displaypro, we understand that designing custom signage is not easy. That is why we have you covered. We design, create, and install custom shop signage from our branches in Norwich, Norfolk and Sleaford, Lincolnshire for shops, pubs, restaurants, schools, football and rugby clubs and other commercial properties. However if your business is elsewhere in the country, and wish to use our expertise to manufacture and install your sign, our team often travel to other parts of the UK, so even if you aren't local, you can still use Displaypro! With our custom signage, you can set your business apart from others at an industry-competitive price.

Types of Shop Signage 

At Displaypro, we offer a variety of shop signage for your business in Norfolk, Lincolnshire and across the UK. These include:

Negative cut-out logos
Positive cut-out logos
Backlit LED shop signs
Illuminated letters and signs
Interior and lobby signs
LED signage and Lighting
Storefront signs
Site boards
Vinyl lettering
Window film graphics
and much more......

View our Gallery page for more examples of our Signage.

Signage by Displaypro

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Why Use Displaypro for Custom Shop Signage and Sign Fitting?

Custom Shop Signs

We create custom shop signs in Norfolk, Lincolnshire and across the UK that are hand-crafted for each business. At Displaypro, we strive to make your vision a reality and offer you bespoke and unique signage that reflects your brand image.

We have a flair for creativity and innovativeness. When it comes to creating your shop signs and logos, our team has unlimited potential for creativity and offers strong attention to detail. Every unique design concept is manufactured to breathe new life to your storefront through plastic, wooden, and metal signs.

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High Quality Workmanship

We employ a team of workers and designers that are extremely passionate about their job. Our shop sign creation process involves fabrication skills, experience in working with diverse materials, and a high level of printing expertise. Our final products are of the highest quality and our signs are something to be proud of. Whether you are a large business that requires big site boards or a small establishment that needs window film graphics, we can do the job for you.

Premium Materials

As a premium manufacturer, Displaypro specialises in designing and creating signs made from the highest quality metals, acrylic fabrication, plastic, wood, stainless steel, and other durable materials.

Access Equipment

Need a custom sign installed at height? No matter, Displaypro are here to ensure you have a business to rely on!

We have our own Hinowa Lift that we can have on site, that will reach 15 metres, when that isnt enough we will happily hire cranes to install your sign, message or logo anywhere in the country.

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Our installation process is safe, which is evident by the fact that we are approved by Safe Contractors. We go above and beyond in following safety practices when installing your signs. We understand that signage falling from a height can be dangerous, so we ensure that your shop signage is installed correctly and does not fall off even in adverse weather.

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How to Order Custom Signage

To order Signage please either contact us using the form below, or call our friendly Customer Service Team on 03330 153 450 to discuss your requirements. No matter how big or small, simple or complex your vision, we will help deliver your custom signs!

We understand that creating shop signage requires a range of manufacturing disciplines. We use only the most cutting-edge technology to construct a diverse range of fascia signage as well as using our expert workmanship to get the job done right. You will still find us very competitively priced even though we use premium materials, due to our purchasing power!

Whether you require a simple traditional shop sign or a modern illuminated totem, we can turn your vision into a reality. We produce shop and business signs of all types to meet your specific needs.

At Displaypro, we deliver quality installation as part of our services. Remember you don't need to be local to us to use our services, we travel up and down the country installing signs and providing shop fitting services.

Need a Shop Sign or Site Board?  Contact us today!