Secondary Glazing

Want to reduce your energy bills?

With Secondary Glazing Kits from Displaypro we offer a budget friendly alternative to double glazing that will improve your heating bills and keep your house warmer in the colder months.

We offer an easy to install solution, providing 4mm clear acrylic window panels that can easily be removed and stored during the summer months.

Cut-to-size secondary glazing is made to fit each window providing a discreet fit that can be colour matched, and an ideal solution for listed and period properties where original windows cannot be replaced.

Secondary glazing has a range of benefits that not only lowers your heating bills, but virtually eliminates condensation too, whilst also reducing noise from outside.

For shaped or coloured Acrylic Window Panels submit a bespoke enquiry below.

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Secondary Glazing

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    1 item

    DIY Secondary Glazing

    Cut to Size Secondary Glazing

    Displaypro cuts to size each of your acrylic window panels. Simply input your measurements (not forgetting to reduce the height and width by 10mm) and name the panel so that you can be sure to fit the correct sheet to the window.

    We include everything you need within the panel price; you do not need to purchase tape or magnetic strips separately.

    Each kit includes:

    • 4mm Acrylic Panel cut to size
    • Steel strips cut to size in Matt White
    • Magnetic tape

    Benefits of Secondary Glazing

    Acrylic is as clear as glass and stops up to 98% UV transmission. It is also 17 x stronger than glass and much safer, making acrylic secondary glazing a great alternative that's easy to install.

    Opting to install secondary glazing can achieve the same benefits of double glazing reducing heat loss by 65% - which is 10% more than double glazing whilst being hundreds of pounds cheaper per panel compared to a uPVC window.

    Benefits include:

    • Reduce heat loss and save on heating bills
    • Prevents condensation
    • Cost effective
    • Noise reduction
    • Easy installation
    • Removable for warmer months

    Why buy your Secondary Glazing from Displaypro?

    Our secondary glazing is a premium kit compared to other versions on the market. We are the only company to manufacture our own premium colour-coordinated stainless steel strips to guard against corrosion, and pre-apply a thick very high bond adhesive tape ensuring a superior strong draft seal.

    We also provide a coloured 25mm wide edge on the acrylic panel to obscure the magnetic strip and adhesive from view. Premium magnetic strips are pre-applied.

    Once the initial measuring of your window is done and ordered on our website, you do not need to measure or cut tape. Everything is pre-applied so all you have to do is simply peel and stick!


    Acrylic panels are fitted to the inside of your existing window without damaging your original window. We supply steel strips with a high bond adhesive tape to create a strong seal using premium magnetic tape and a 4mm thick acrylic panel.

    To get a uPVC casement window installed in your home, you can expect to pay between £200 and £900 per window, depending on installation costs, size and specifications. For a 900mm x 1200mm complete secondary glazing kit from Displaypro the cost is £72 per window.

    Secondary glazing is an ideal choice where you cannot replace existing windows for double glazing but is just as beneficial and at a fraction of the cost. They wont compromise the external character of a property, and can easily be removed for summer months.

    No professionals needed here! Our secondary glazing kit has everything pre-applied and cut to size for each window. Once you have measured your windows and received your kit its a simple peel and stick task! View our install guide within our secondary glazing listing for our step by step instructions.

    Secondary glazing has many benefits. They have been shown to reduce heat loss and save on heating bills, preventing condensation and reducing noise from outside.

    Our DIY secondary glazing kits are a cost effective solution to keeping your rooms warmer during the winter months, where double glazing is unaffordable or unsuitable.

    Take care to not use glass cleaner or similar products due to their abrasive nature which can ruin the acrylic panel. Simply use an anti-static cloth and warm soapy water or anti-static cleaner.

    Installing acrylic secondary glazing is a great alternative to double glazing, which has been shown to reduce heat loss by 65% which is actually 10% more than double glazing.

    Displaypro provides a simple to install acrylic glazing kit that are effective for those winter months saving you energy and money.