Protection Screens

UK Protection Screens

Our Pro Protection Screens offer a range of benefits including noise reduction, privacy, and protection from direct coughs and sneezing when social distancing is impractical.

Our designers insist that our Protection Screens live up to their high standards for style, functionality, and serviceability. This is why we manufacture Protection Screens in our own factories within the UK.

Wall Dividers & Freestanding Screens

All our Pro Wall Divider Protection Screen options have flush flat sides meaning they can be joined side by side without any gaps to create a long office partition. We also supply full and half screen variations in clear, solid, or full printed colour.

Our Pro Freestanding Protection Screens come with a choice of a flat base as seen on our Pro Freestanding Narrow Isle Screen, Pro Mobile Freestanding Screen with quality locking castor wheels, or our Pro Freestanding Protection Screen with adjustable feet for any flat surface.

Desk Screens

All our Pro Desk Protection Screen options have flush flat sides meaning they can be joined side by side without any gaps to create a long office desk screen, which is ideally suited to reception desks. We also supply variations in clear, solid, or full printed colour.

Our Pro Desk Protection Screens can be fixed to an office desk with a choice of semi-permanent adhesive, screws, or clamps. Additional clamps and fixings are available should you require them.

Hanging Screens

Our range of Pro Hanging Protection Screens has been designed with simplicity to install in mind where freestanding or desk mounting is not practical. All our Hanging screens come with easily adjustable height wires and are suitable for either suspended ceilings or screw fix into ceilings.

Cleaning Protection Screens

Our designers have taken great care to develop Protection Screens that are durable, stylish, and hygienic in that they are easy to clean. with anti-bacterial spray or warm soapy water.

Recycling Protection Screens

Manufacturing our own Protection Screens in the UK reduces our carbon footprint and allows us to use quality recyclable materials such as Stainless Steel and Acrylic whenever possible.

Cheap Protection Screens

There is nothing cheap about our Protection Screens! However, our Protection Screens can appear cheap compared to other sellers. This is mainly due to the fact that most sellers re-sell Protection Screens that are first manufactured overseas.

Displaypro has full control over the design, manufacturing, stock of replaceable parts and continuously invests in our UK Team and modern technology within our manufacturing plants.

How to Make Protection Screens

Protection screens can be simply made using a plastic screen that hangs or a plastic screen that is supported by legs and feet to a desk or your office floor. This screen will behave as a partition if the installer is competent, but please be aware that much time and skill has been invested in our range to ensure our Protection Screens are economical and fit for purpose.

As a material distributor, we are able to supply you with a Protection Screen with our Plastic Sheet cut to size. We also supply our range of Pro Screen Supports individually for DIY and skilled installers.

At Displaypro we can custom design and print your Protection Screen in many ways. Contact our friendly sales team for advice and to enquire about our Office Screen Fitting Service.