Social Distancing and Hygiene

All Displaypro social distancing and hygiene products are designed and manufactured in the UK.

Here at Displaypro, we offer a bespoke service to ensure you get exactly what you need! Our team of specialists are ready to help you.

Wall Dividers

Wall Divider Protection Screens

Our Freestanding Screens are made from quality hygienic Stainless Steel and recyclable plastic, in a choice of Flat Narrow Isle Base, Pro Mobile Base with locking castor wheels, or our Pro Freestanding base with leveling feet.

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Desk Screens

Office Desk Screens

We have a range of office desk screens all fitted with high quality stainless steel brackets and acrylic. Find the option that suits you, whether it is a cross divider or a screen to sit on the edge of your workspace.

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Shop Screens

Shop Counter Screens

Our Pro Shop Counter Protection screens are built with high quality stainless steel brackets and recyclable acrylic, Polycarbonate or PVC Foam. Our Shop Counter Screens are also available with hatch and closing reducers.

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Testing Booths

Our Pro Test Booths and Vaccination Booths are durable, high quality, low cost, easy to assemble, and freestanding. Testing booths can be joined together side by side with low cost joining panels.

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Hanging Protective Screens

Our hanging protective screens are made with high quality stainless steel hanging kits and clear plastic PETg or APET screens . All of our hanging screens come with the added bonus of height adjustment.

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Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

We manufacture a range of stock products in the UK and can custom manufacture Sanitiser displays and dispensers in the shape, size, and material of your choice along with your logo.

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