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Manufacturer of Displaypro Catering Equipment and supplier of Chefkit Commercial Kitchen Supplies. We provide high quality products that will perform day after day ensuring your commercial kitchen keeps operating.

From Stainless Steel Hot Pan Protectors to Chip Cone Holders, this is a growing range of products for cafes, restaurants, pop up food stalls and market traders.

We manufacture full bespoke commercial kitchens, whilst offering off-the-shelf stainless steel tables, splashbacks and stainless steel shelves.

Visit our Bespoke Manufacturing page for more information about our Commercial Kitchens.

Displaypro undertake bespoke requests, so if you can't find the ideal Catering Equipment product, please submit an enquiry below to discuss your requirements.

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    7 items

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    Catering Equipment for Commercial Kitchens

    Catering Equipment is essential for commercial kitchens, catering businesses, restaurants, hotels, and other food-related establishments.

    It is designed to meet the specific needs of foodservice businesses, ensuring efficiency, safety, and quality in food preparation and service. The choice of equipment depends on the type of cuisine, the scale of the operation, and the specific menu items a catering business offers. It is crucial to maintain and clean catering equipment regularly to ensure food safety and prolong the lifespan of the appliances.

    Displaypro manufactures its stainless steel range of Catering Equipment in the UK, ensuring quality of its products and its longevity through highly skilled staff and appropriate materials used in the design which is sourced from reputable companies.

    We design, manufacture and install complete commercial kitchens and supply catering equipment across the UK from our facility in Norfolk.