Embroidered Garments & Vehicle Graphics Sleaford

by Gemma Bowles

Matson's Electrical in Sleaford came to us early last year to use our Vehicle Graphics service for his vans, and now has returned to us this year for their Embroidery Workwear Clothing.

vehicle graphics electrian sleaford

Customer supplied their logo and using our Ricoma MT series embroidery machine, embroidered the front left chest logo onto T-Shirts and Jackets and the back of the Body Warmers and Jumpers with a large embroidered logo. The customer used TuffStuff Body warmers, Fort Jumpers, Uneek Tshirts and Beechfield Patch beanies.

embroidered electrian jacket sleaford

Read more about our branded workwear or view our online clothing catalogue visit our Embroidered and Printed Clothing page!

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