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Home and Garden

From Stainless Steel kitchen Equipment to Acrylic House Signs and Mirrors, Outdoor Fire Pits and Log Stores, this is a growing range from Displaypro. Don't just shop for your business, shop for your home too!

Home & Garden

At Displaypro, we don't just offer products for commercial businesses and industries, but for the residential market as well. Our home and garden segment offers a variety of products for homes, including made-to-measure shed and greenhouse windows as well as home décor and kitchen accessories such as light switch surrounds, photo frames, shelving and splashbacks in acrylic and stainless steel.

Acrylic House Signs

There is something to be said about a door that has an elegant-looking plaque on it. At Displaypro, we can create Perspex house signs and plaques in a range of different shapes and sizes to increase visibility and provide a modern look to your property. We offer different designs and colours for your house signs to complement the personality of your house.

Cut to Size Replacement Shed Windows

Displaypro offers cut to size replacement shed windows made of acrylic sheets. With a high level of visibility and durability, acrylic is a much better alternative to glass windows when it comes to longevity and safety, and does not yellow over time. We offer acrylic shed windows in various thicknesses and sizes.

Cut to Size Replacement Greenhouse Windows

High-grade acrylic glazing is a great choice for greenhouse windows as it can prevent damage from errant stones and balls. Our acrylic is many times stronger than glass and also transmits more light into your greenhouse. Perspex also does not scratch easily and does not show any signs of aging, meaning you can expect decades of use from the replacement windows.

Cut to Size Replacement Playhouse Windows

A lot of people prefer acrylic to glass when it comes to playhouse windows because it adds a level of safety since it is shatterproof. At Displaypro, we offer made-to-measure Perspex acrylic windows for your playhouse in bespoke sizes.

Cut to Size Replacement Boat Windows

We offer a range of made-to-measure replacement boat windows made of high-quality and durable acrylic and polycarbonate glazing. These are both strong plastics and are popular materials for use on boats as they are very impact-resistant, scratch-resistant, and transparent. One of the most preferred options for boat windows is Perspex, which is a brand of acrylic, that is highly regarded.

Light Switch Surrounds

If you love to spruce up your home, we offer you modern acrylic light switch surrounds in a variety of sizes and shapes. Displaypro’s light switch surrounds can be cut to size, depending on the size of your switchboard. They are also available in straight-edges, curved-edges, and waved-edges. In addition, they also come in printed forms to match the personality of your house. No more fingerprints around your light switches!

Acrylic Photo Frames

Acrylic photo frames are on-trend these days and are a minimalistic and modern way of showcasing your family photos, selfies, and even beloved children’s artwork. Displaypro offers high-grade, scratch-resistant acrylic photo frames that have polished edges to provide a high-quality finish. They also come with four satin stand-offs.

You can choose clear or coloured backed frames to complement your home décor.

Acrylic Coasters & Placemats

Displaypro makes it own kitchenware accessories, including acrylic coasters and placemats. Acrylic coasters and placemats add a touch of colour to every dining table and come in a wide assortment of beautiful colours to lend vibrancy to your kitchen. Our coasters and placemats are made of 3mm food-safe acrylic and can be washed easily with soap and warm water.

Children’s Acrylic Mirrors

Displaypro offers a range of unbreakable acrylic mirrors in exciting designs, including wave-shaped, animal-shaped, star-shaped, heart-shaped, mermaid-shaped, splash-shaped mirrors. The mirrors can also be personalised with their name to create a feature in their bedrooms. The mirrors come with additional adhesive pads and are easy to install and remove.

Children’s Door Signs

Displaypro offers bespoke children’s door signs made from Foamex. Children’s names are printed on high-quality foam PVC board with the use of long-lasting, eco-friendly inks. The bedroom door signs also come with adhesive foam pads, which make them easy to install. The product can be personalised and comes in many designs.