Your Guide to Black Friday 2020

by Kieran Norman

Displaypro are pleased to announce that our Black Friday sale is here! You will find deals across our whole range at 10% as well as some MEGA DEALS at an amazing 30% off. Our Black Friday sale will end at 00:00am (GMT) so hurry, these deals are sure to be popular!

Check our MEGA DEALS…

Floor Standing Screen

The Pro Floor Standing Protective Screen is an ideal solution to meet government guidelines for staying safe in the workplace with regards to Covid-19. These six-feet tall sneeze guards come in three different bottom panel options, clear, white or empty and is available in widths between 800mm – 1500mm.

Perspex Desk Screen

The Perspex Desk Screen features unique adhesive top slot brackets that allow this screen to be securely mounted to a desk, making it the ideal solution to keep your staff safe when working in the office.


Displaypro APET is 0.6mm thick and is a very flexible type of plastic. Due to this, the material can be easily cut with conventional tools, making it perfect for anyone who has little experience with plastic. It is available in a variety of sizes between A4 and 2050mm x 1250mm.

Hanging Sneeze Guard Clear Plastic Protective Screen

The Hanging Sneeze Guard is designed with convenience in mind. It is very lightweight, easy to install which makes it ideal for moving the sneeze guard around your space. The sneeze guard comes complete with everything you need to install it onto your ceiling.

Urinal Partition

The Displaypro Urinal Partition is ideal for ensuring your venue is compliant with the latest social distancing guidelines. The urinal divider is easy to install and comes with six brackets included.

All Floor Vinyl

Floor Vinyl is an easy way to show your customers, clients and colleagues the correct way to walk to adhere to your companies social distancing guidelines. Not only that, but they are fantastic for branding purposes too.

These high-quality nonslip Floor Vinyl’s feature a semi-permanent backing meaning they can face up to the stresses of constant usage whilst being easy to remove without leaving any marks. We offer our Floor Vinyl with premade designs and also have a customiser listing to make your own, ensuring you get exactly what you need!

Foam PVC Screen

Foam PVC Screens are ideal for shielding both customers and colleagues alike. With no need for screws or adhesives this sneeze guard is simple to install and easy to transport making it an ideal solution for the retail industry. Best of all with a range of printed designs we are able to create a screen that is relevant to your business, and if you require something bespoke then we will be able to create something for you.

Hive Magnetic Board

The Hive Magnetic Notice Board is the ideal gift this Christmas. Its stylish, modular design means you can create striking geometric patterns by combining more than one. The high-quality stainless steel used in its manufacturer means it is built to last.

Hot Pan Worktop Protector

The Hot Pan Worktop Protector allows you to place your pots and pans safely on your worktop, without any risk of burning the surface underneath the protector. It is made from food grade stainless steel and can also be used as a chopping board. The product is equally useful at home or a commercial/domestic kitchen.

Stainless Steel Splashbacks

Stainless Steel Splashbacks offer protection to your walls and kitchen surfaces with their easy clean, durable surfaces made from 0.9mm culinary grade stainless steel. Available in a range of sizes big enough to protect the largest of kitchen walls.

Pro Hanging Clear Plastic Screen

The Pro Hanging Clear Plastic Screen is the ultimate sneeze guard for convenience and ease of movement, its ultralight and thin design allows it to be rolled up and transported around. Included with the product, you will receive a hanging kit which easily installs onto your ceiling. The strong APET material used in its construction will ensure that it will survive rigorous usage.

About Us 

Displaypro is a leading manufacturer and supplier of printed products, you can check out our full range here. Alternatively, if you wanted to enquire about a bespoke product you can call us on 0333 015 3450 or email

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