Top Ten Sellers August 2020

by Kieran Norman

As a leading manufacturer of a variety of products, we can assure you there is something for everyone. Our full range includes:

  • Display units
  • Printed products
  • Signage
  • Catering equipment
  • Cut to size material
  • Covid-19 PPE

With August 2020 now at a close, let's take look back at what the top sellers were.

Flat Pack Sneeze Guard Free Standing - DisplayproFlat Pack Sneeze Guard (Free Standing) | Covid-19 PPE

The Flat Pack Sneeze Guard (Free Standing) is the fastest and most economical way to protect both your staff and customers. It is ideal in environments such as retail shops, supermarket checkouts and customer service desks.

What are the features?

  • DIY free standing protection kit
  • Minimum disruption to your operation
  • No need for screws, adhesives, or specialist installers
  • Clear acrylic screen that is 100% recyclable
  • Safe to use and easy to clean.
  • 2 x Slot-in-place acrylic supports
  • Flat pack design for ease of transport and storage

Pro Sneeze Guard with Acrylic Screen & Stainless-Steel Legs | Covid-19 PPE

Our Pro Sneeze Guard with Acrylic Screen and Stainless-Steel Legs is perfect solution for protection against Covid-19. As a bonus, the screen comes with a removable hatch to provide you a convenient method to take payments from customers whilst being safe.Pro Sneeze Guard with Acrylic Screen & Stainless-Steel Legs - Displaypro

What are the features?

  • Clear acrylic screen, 100% recyclable
  • Removable hatch reducer 0-300mm
  • Suitable to retro fit to existing shop counters and desks
  • Safe to use in contact with food and easy to clean
  • Stainless-steel screen supports and feet
  • Easily secured in place using screws or adhesive tape
  • Flat-pack design for ease of transport and storage

2mm Thick Clear Acrylic Sheet - Displaypro2mm Thick Clear Acrylic Sheet | Cut to Size

The 2mm Thick Clear Acrylic Sheet is ideal for a wide variety of purposes around the home, outside or even in your business. Due to acrylic being incredibly hard wearing and easy to handle, it makes them particularly ideal for outdoor use.

Displaypro offer a variety of different sizes and also offer a bespoke service where we can get a size cut tailored to your needs.

Pro Floor Standing Clear Plastic Protective Screen 6ft 180cm Tall | Covid-19Pro Floor Standing Clear Plastic Protective Screen - Displaypro PPE

The highly popular Pro Floor Standing Clear Plastic Protective Screen 6ft 180cm Tall is another ideal solution for your business in the battle against Covid-19.

Its simple, yet practical design makes this product an excellent choice for businesses where protection is needed.

Being free-standing, these screens can be moved with ease and adapt to the needs of your business, with little to no disruption.

Clear Plastic Clamped Sneeze Guard Desk Divider Protective Screen - DisplayproClear Plastic Clamped Sneeze Guard Desk Divider Protective Screen | Covid-19 PPE

Displaypro Clear Plastic Clamped Sneeze Guard Desk Divider Protective Screen are designed specifically for use with desks, countertops, or any work surface with a protruding edge to combat the spread of Covid-19.

What are the features?

  • 1 x Acrylic screen
  • 3 x stainless-steel brackets
  • Table clamp with a max capacity of 32mm

Pro Hanging Sneeze Guard Clear Plastic Screen Height Adjustable | Covid-19 PPE

Our Pro Hanging Sneeze Guard is a clear plastic height adjustable protective screen that is suspended from two stainless-steel wires. It is ideal for desktop working environments, packing benches, reception areas, veterinary consult tables, office desks or can be used anywhere where desktop space is at a premium.

Pro Hanging Sneeze Guard Clear Plastic Screen Height Adjustable - DisplayproWith twist-on ceiling clips and adjustable suspension cables, these screens have been designed to provide you with truly flexible and versatile solution to your protection needs.

Includes hanging kit:

  • 2 x Wires (1 metre)
  • 2 x Twist on clips (to fit existing suspended ceiling rails)
  • 2 x Screws plus raw plugs
  • 2 x Hooks with height adjustment

Single Light Switch Surrounds - DisplayproSingle Light Switch Surrounds | Home Décor

Displaypro Single Light Switch Surrounds are easy to install to your property. There is no need to unwire your switches, but we would recommend that you consult a qualified electrician to isolate the mains electricity before fitting.

The light switch surrounds come in a variety of colours and sizes and can even be created into different measurements to tailor for your needs.

Gloss Poster Printing | Posters

Gloss Poster PrintingDisplaypro poster printing has become hugely popular for retailers looking for affordable advertisement.

All our posters are printed using colour calibrated Eco 6 colour HP Latex Printers, which produce exceptional scratch resistant image reproduction which leaves you with a final product you will be satisfied with.

Stainless-Steel Angle Corner Protector - DisplayproStainless-Steel Angle Corner Protector | Business Supplies

Displaypro™ Stainless-Steel Angle Corner Protectors are made from 1.2mm thick Brushed stainless-steel and are folded to 90 degrees.

They are specifically designed to protect the corners of your walls. Wall corners suffer from repeat damage from footfall and movement within the building.

Acrylic Cubes | CubesAcrylic Cubes - Displaypro

Our acrylic cubes are an excellent and professional way to get creative with your shelving or countertop display. The cubes allow you to easily create bespoke displays that will get noticed.

The cubes are very versatile and can be used for secure storage. The five-sided cube us manufactured using clear acrylic.

They are freestanding, very robust, rigid, and lightweight. This makes them ideal for exhibitions also.

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