Displaypro are taking part in Christmas Jumper Day 2020

by Kieran Norman

Christmas Jumper Day 2020 for Save the Children is here! All departments at Displaypro are in the festive spirit this Christmas and are participating in Christmas Jumper Day.

What do Save the Children do?

They lead the way on tackling problems like pneumonia, hunger and protecting children in war, while making sure each child's unique needs are cared for. They find new ways to reach children who need us most, no matter where they are growing up.

For a century, They have stood up for children and made sure their voices are heard. They wrote the treaty that sets out the rights of every child, and we’ve been upholding them every day since.

They know that they can not do this alone. Together with children, supporters and partners, they work to help every child become who they want to be.

How can you support Save the Children?

You can help support Save the Children by donating to them right here: Donate | Save the Children UK.

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