Channel 4 has brought back a popular 90's show

by Leanne Stephens

Channel 4 has been working hard on bringing back the classic 90's tv show changing rooms. With Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen going up against another designer, to deliver rooms that give the wow factor. 

The programme first came to our screens in 1996, where Carol Smiley presented the show and worked with designers such as Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and Linda Barker, not forgetting handyman Andy Kane. After 8 years of providing the nation with entertainment, laughter and tears the show aired it’s last in 2004.

The new show is a six-part series, which is presented by Naked Attraction star Anna Richardson. With designers going head-to-head to deliver bold and opposing styles, the programme has said it will “ensure each transformation will be spectacular, innovative and unexpected.”

Part of the show’s alluring charm was never knowing quite how the finished rooms would turn out until the very end. The episodes deliver some shocked and emotional reactions to the big reveals.

Whilst the designers will be transforming the rooms, they will be offering tips and inspiration on ways to update your home improvement and living. Teaching us how to be crafty on a budget by adding charm to unloved or outdated corners of our homes.

Through the past 18months we have all looked at our homes and living spaces in a different way, grabbing paint brushes and making DIY projects to create our safe and happy havens. Now seems like a great time to sit down with a cuppa and enjoy the modern, fresh and fabulous designs that the show will bring. 

Before the series started filming, Displaypro was asked to supply 6 Acrylic Cubes to ‘Changing Rooms’, to help transform a room. Did you spot our products in the show? Here you can see how Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen chose to use the cubes within his design.

The programme aired on the 18th August on Channel 4 and can be watched back on demand via the All 4 service.