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Cut to Size Materials

Plastic sheet such as Acrylic, Polycarbonate, PETg and APET are all available cut to size. Ideal for Greenhouse and Shed Windows, Secondary Glazing or Protection Screens.

Cut to Size Sheet Material

At Displaypro, we offer a wide range of material cut to size, including clear plastic sheet in Acrylic, PETg/APET, Polycarbonate, and ACM, coloured Acrylic sheet and Stainless Steel in various grades such as 430, 306 and 316. Our cut to size service is ideal for manufacturers and individuals, creating bespoke furniture, retail displays, home repairs such as Greenhouse Plastic Sheet Panels and Shed windows or metalwork including Splashbacks, not just in Norfolk and Lincolnshire, but across the UK.

Our cut to size sheet is made according to your exact dimensions. We also offer a range of fabrication options such as bevelled edges, rounded corners, and holes as per your specifications.

Acrylic Sheet Cut to Size

Displaypro clear plastic sheets are cast acrylic that has a higher light transmission, half the weight, yet 17x stronger and safer than glass. Made of 100% recyclable materials our Perspex clear plastic sheets are perfect for a wide range of inside and outsides uses including SignageDisplay StandsKitchen and Bathroom Splashbacks and Health and Safety such as Protection Screens and Sneeze Guards.

Our Plastic Sheets are available in a multitude of Colours in various finishes. Available as standard up to 20mm thick, however dependant on the sheet choice some are available in larger thicknesses. Please contact us for more information.

Polycarbonate Sheet Cut to Size

Our polycarbonate sheets are durable, have a higher impact-resistance than acrylic, fire retardant, and 250x stronger than glass, yet half the weight, making them the best choice for use in Safety Screens, Machine Guards, Signage and Glazing.

At Displaypro, we offer polycarbonate sheets cut to size as per your design. These sheets are printable and come with a protective film to prevent any damage in-transit. 100% fully recyclable material.

PETg Cut to Size Sheet

Cut to size PETg is a thicker material than APET, has a high impact resistance and has good fire resistant behaviour.

PETg is food approved by the FDA, has good optical clarity, lightweight and offers convenience to manufacturers as it is easy to weld. The material is printable, comes in a variety of sizes, and is ideal for displays.

APET Sheet Cut to Size

APET material is lightweight, durable and flexible and can be shaped easily by regular tools. It is a great option for cold bending, and is printable, therefore ideal for using APET for packaging material, face shields and decoration.

Cut to size APET is available here at Displaypro, simply input your dimensions into the online calculator and we will provide an immediate quote.

ACM Sheet Cut to Size

Aluminium composite, also known as ACM, consists of a layer of polyethylene sandwiched between two sheets of pre-painted aluminium. The material is rigid and flat making the surface incredibly smooth ideal for digital printing and vinyl lamination. ACM is ideal for long term exterior Signs and Displays as its a great material to fold and form Sign Trays.

At Displaypro, we offer cut to size ACM sheets or if you are a Signage company without the manufacturing ability we can supply Sign Trays. Please contact us for a quote.

PVC Foam Sheet Cut to Size

PVC Foam are flat, lightweight sheets available in a range of colours. Our custom cut to size PVC Foam has an excellent fire resistancy, with PVC being self-extinguishing. This material is low cost, suitable for short term outdoor exterior Signage and long term Displays over cardboard.

Cut to size PVC foam sheet can be used in many different creative applications  and is an excellent material for Signs, Posters, Exhibition Stands and Wall Cladding.

Stainless Steel Sheet Cut to Size

Stainless Steel cut to size sheet comes in 304, 430 and 316 (marine grade). 316 is ideal for use outdoors especially near the coast or roadsides where salt is more present. 304 grade stainless steel is great for commercial kitchens, such as sinks and shelving, whilst 430 grade is ideal for appliances, kitchen utensils and decoration.

Our cut to size stainless steel sheets are used for various applications, including commercial tableskitchen splashbacksdoor push plates, and magnetic notice boards, which we sell online here at Displaypro, or just order the flat sheet to size using our online pricing calculator for your own projects. 

Order Cut to Size Plastic Sheet From Displaypro

Displaypro focuses on providing plastic sheets cut to size for all types of applications, along with Stainless Steel. Please select your material preferences and the online calculator will provide the quote. We offer bespoke services for commercial businesses in Norfolk and Lincolnshire and across the UK. We are proud to be a member of Made in Britain and are approved by Safe Contractors — proof of our high quality workmanship and regards to safety and hygiene.

Cut to Size Sheet