Acrylic Fabrication - Displaypro

Displaypro has a professional team of in house machinists and fabricators of acrylic. We offer a wide range of cutting and finishing services using advanced technology.

CO2 Laser cutter

We have invested in industrial Multicam laser cutters, which boast Synrad sealed RF CO2 laser cutting technology and a servo-driven multi-axis for quality and reliability.

Multicam CO2 Acrylic Laser Cutter

Our machinery can cut up to 25mm clear acrylic with an acceptable edge. Thicker material may show slight tapering or slight waves. A post-process of flame finishing may increase the clarity of the acrylic edge or reduce sharpness further. The laser beam can also follow tool paths from DXF files or shaped outlines with its camera system.

CNC Router

Our machinists use industrial Multicam routers which boast servo drives, a camera system, and tool changers for a reciprocating knife and creasing wheel.

Multicam Acrylic and Sign CNC Router

Our CNC router's high capabilities allow us to machine precise tolerances and a wide selection of materials. The water-cooled high RPM spindle produces cleaner, smoother matt edges on clear acrylic. Optionally we can cut using diamond router bits for a more polished finish on clear acrylic.

Acrylic Polishing

Our acrylic fabricators use flame polishers for detailed and shaped parts and high volume CNC polishing equipment for straight edge efficient batch jobs. We are able to polish clear acrylic block up to 80mm high in one pass and bevel up to 45 degrees in matt or gloss finishes.

Acrylic Diamond Polisher

Acrylic Forming

Our production team are experienced acrylic fabricators, and use Shannon Hot Line Bending Tables for precise and repeatable results. Our Acrylic bending tables can bend a maximum of 25mm thick acrylic sheet up to 2m in length. We also have automatic conveyor systems for medium production runs of thousands of units at a competitive price.

Shannon Acrylic Hot Line Bending Table