Keeping your staff and customers safe during Covid-19

by Kieran Norman

After a year of lockdown and strict guidelines now in place, businesses have a lot to think about during the current Covid-19 pandemic. But with the increasing risk of a second or third wave, it is very important for businesses to consider how they can maintain customers confidence and safety over the coming months.

The UK Government has released strict guidelines on how businesses and consumers should be interacting. You can find the guidelines here.

We will outline what the bestselling products are and how they can ensure everyone is safe within your business. Whether it is a member of staff or a customer, safety against the virus is a must. Did you know that 60% of UK workers do not want to return to the office because they have safety concerns?

Pro Sneeze Guard with Acrylic Screen & Stainless-Steel Legs

If you are in the retail industry, you will undoubtedly deal with customers throughout the course of the day. To ensure a safe interaction for both your staff and customers, a Pro Sneeze Guard with Acrylic Screen & Stainless-Steel Legs is what you need.

A sneeze guard is an effective way of creating a protective screen between people reducing the transmission of airborne virus particles from being passed from one person to another. Its purpose is to create a solid clear shield between people reducing direct contact from the virus whether someone sneezes, coughs or even through physical contact.

Furthermore, a convenient hatch found at the bottom of the screen is helpful addition if required for taking payments and reducing direct contact between those who are interacting.

Pro Floor Standing Clear Plastic Protective Screen

Another great product to keep safe is the Pro Floor Standing Clear Plastic Protective Screen. Whether you are in the office or dealing with customers regularly, this product is simple and practical when protection is needed.

Being free-standing, these screens can be moved with ease and adapt to the needs of your business, with little to no disruption.

Hand Sanitiser Dispenser with Choice of Back Plates

Keeping hygiene levels high during this period is just as important as protecting yourself through dividing screens. The Hand Sanitiser Dispenser with Choice of Back Plates is a modern solution to keeping your staff and customers sanitised throughout the day.

This product is available in brushed stainless-steel or solid white acrylic finishes. It also comes complete with stand-offs and pre-drilled screw holes too.

Disposable Face Shield Visors Packs of 10 or 100

The disposable Face Shield Visors Pack is a cost-effective means of personal protection at an affordable price. These visors are disposable and are made with anti-fog/anti-mist material.

For convenience, the visors work with both glasses or goggles and come with an adjustable card headband. You can purchase this in packs of 10’s or 100’s.

Keep Your Distance Instructional Floor Vinyl Stickers

Displaypro Instructional Floor Vinyl Stickers have been designed to guide both your customers and staff to follow social distancing rules with your office, shop, or warehouse.

With their large size and bold text, it is ideal for demonstrating the social distancing measures within your business.

Here at Displaypro, we offer a variety of products to help your business thrive and adhere to guidelines during the Covid-19 pandemic. The products we manufacture are made with hard wearing, easy to assemble materials and very affordable!

We also offer a further bespoke, a made to measure service if our standard range does not quite suit your business needs. Click here to view our full range.

If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to get in touch directly on 03330153450 or email

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