Cut to size - What material is right for you?

by Kieran Norman

Picking the right cut to size material can be difficult, especially for those who do not have much experience with it.

In this blog post, we will guide you through the benefits of each material. The Displaypro range includes Perspex Acrylic, Plastic (PETg and Polycarbonate), and White PVC Foam.

Perspex Acrylic Sheet - DisplayproPerspex Acrylic:

Perspex Acrylic is a highly versatile and strong material and is one of the hardest thermoplastics, whilst remaining aesthetically attractive for much longer than any other plastic sheet product.

The high gloss surface of Perspex acrylic makes it easy to clean which means costs would be kept to a minimum in terms of maintenance. Its strong properties mean that it has extremely high resistance to outdoor weathering, making it ideal for shed windows and other outbuildings.

For an environmentally friendly solution, Perspex Acrylic is perfect for you. It is an efficiently produced, non-toxic pure material with a long service life.

Polycarbonate:Polycarbonate Sheet - Displaypro

Polycarbonate is quite possibly one of the toughest plastics you can buy. It is well known for its high impact resistance which means it is a highly durable solution for the indoors and outdoors.

Like glass, polycarbonate is completely transparent, along with the added bonus that it is shatter proof too. Polycarbonate also has a light transmission of up to 90%!

A fantastic benefit of polycarbonate over acrylic is that it has a greater fire performance of up to Class 1… Significantly higher than acrylic!

PETg Sheet - DisplayproPETg:

Another high-quality plastic material, PETg is a clear sheet that has properties which make it excellent for use around food, shielding and displays.

PETg has a light transmission of 90% and has a higher impact resistance in comparison to glass as well as being half the weight.

The material is also weather resistant so it can be used outdoors if needed. Typically, it can be used on applications such as signage, bus shelters and more. PETg can also be used inside on things such as food counters, vending machines and point of purchase displays.

PVC Foam:

PVC Foam - Displaypro

PVC foam is highly rigid, lightweight, and versatile. The material is suitable for both indoors and outdoors and are easy to work whilst being very cost effective.

PVC foam has a consistent, smooth, flat surface which makes it an ideal material for things such as direct print and laminating vinyl graphics.

A major advantage of the material is that is has an outstanding Class 1 fire rating which means it is self-extinguishing.

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