Corian Countertop & Stainless Steel Kitchen - Shop Fitting Norwich

by Gemma Bowles

Moya Bubble Tea in Norwich, Norfolk required a complete shop fitting for their new store. Along side other contractors, Displaypro designed, manufactured and installed a Corian countertop unit and bespoke Stainless Steel Commercial Kitchen with additional tables, shelves and gantry's.

Manufactured at our Great Yarmouth and Norwich sites, our bespoke Commercial Kitchens are made to measure, with quality at the heart of our products. These stainless steel tables and gantry's will not rust or degrade like many steel or wooden frame kitchens, and will still look as good as new for years to come, making a great investment in your new hygienic commercial kitchen.

stainless steel tables and corian countertop stainless steel kitchen norwich

Displaypro also made a beautiful Corian Countertop front of house service desk with Corian Logo, illuminated acrylic sign which incorporated a chameleon tint which was backlit with LED's, and an illuminated cup display built within the counter. The 12mm white onyx Corian was machined on our CNC routers then heat moulded and included glass guards.

corian countertop norwich corian countertop shop fitting norwich

Manufactured and fitted by our experienced shop fitting team in Norwich.

Displaypro is a Corian approved machinist and fabricator in Norfolk.

Good luck to Bubble Tea for your new shop opening, from all the team at Displaypro!

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