Caution Hazard Warning Floor Vinyl Sticker Strips

SKU: D178
Caution Hazard Warning Floor Vinyl Sticker Strips Displaypro

Caution Hazard Warning Floor Vinyl Sticker Strips

SKU: D178
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Our caution, hazard and warning floor stickers are designed to help your customers and staff conform to the ‚  latest ‚  social distancing guidance. ‚  

They are made from a hard wearing floor vinyl designed to hold up to frequent use in high traffic areas, such as ‚  offices, shops, warehouses, schools, or gyms.

  • Length: 1000mm
  • Width: 60mm
  • High quality non-slip vinyl
  • Hexagonal patterned surface
  • Life expectancy 3-6 months with average use

All our floor stickers can be used on smooth hard surfaces. Other surfaces may result in a shorter life expectancy.

For best results please ensure the surface is cleaned and ‚  dry before applying.

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