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Fahrzeuggrafiken und Interieur-Vinyls

Hier in unserer Sleaford-Niederlassung sind wir stolz auf die Lieferung und Ausstattung von Fahrzeuggrafiken und -folien, von einfach geschnittenen Vinylbeschriftungen bis zu latexbedrucktem und laminiertem Folienfolien. Wir können Ihr Fahrzeug für Sie entwerfen und Ihnen einen Nachweis für Ihre Zulassung zusenden. Sobald Sie zufrieden sind, buchen wir Sie für Ihre Anpassung. Sie können sich auf die Sicherheit Ihres Fahrzeugs in unserer brandneuen, voll versicherten Einheit verlassen.
Wenn Ihr Fahrzeug bereits beschriftet ist, bieten wir auch einen Vinyl-Entfernungsservice an, bei dem alle verbleibenden "Abdrücke" entfernt werden, damit Ihr Fahrzeug wie neu aussieht und bereit für eine neue Lackierung ist (oder auch nicht!).
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Innen Vinyls
Wenn Menschen an Vinyl denken, denken sie oft nur an Fahrzeuge. Wir bieten auch eine unglaubliche Auswahl an Vinyl-Innenausstattungen für Fenster, Wände, Böden und Küchen - eine kostengünstige Möglichkeit, den Dingen neues Leben einzuhauchen.
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What are Vehicle Wraps?

Vehicle Wraps is when the entire vehicle has been wrapped in a full colour change, with or without graphics. Vehicle Graphics is a cheaper alternative where text and logos are generally applied to a car or van. These are a great way to advertise your business as a cost effective marketing tool. Every time you drive your vehicle a large amount of people will get exposure to your brand and any of the information that you choose to share. Vehicle Graphics and Van Wraps will help you to stand out from your competitors and reach a wider market whist going about your daily business.

How to design Vehicle Wraps?

We have an inhouse design service and 1000’s of vehicle templates we use to design your wraps and livery, this can be as simple as logos and company details all the way up to a full colour change or printed wraps. It can be simple and effective, or as far as your imagination takes you. Get in touch for a quote!

How to install Vehicle Wraps?

We install our wraps using the best vinyl’s in the industry, our installers are Level 3 Avery Dennison Certificated and have the relevant qualifications to
complete the job to the best standards. The vehicle will be prepped, and any necessary parts of the vehicle will be removed such as handles, lights etc, we
then use cleaners and tar removers to get the vehicle clean of dirt and wax. We then apply the vinyl graphics in our dust free, clean workshop using the
correct tools and installation process's guaranteeing a paint like finish. 

How to remove Vehicle Wraps?

Van Wraps can be removed by our inhouse team of installers, we use high quality Avery Dennison vinyl and our skilled team will use the appropriate tools such as heat guns and glue removers to remove the wrap and strip back down to the paint work without damaging the vehicle.

How much do Vehicle Graphics cost?

Vehicle graphics to full Vehicle Wraps can range in cost depending on the level of
design and the amount of graphics and size of your vehicle. We tailor our designs and wraps depending on your budget, however as a guide basic logos and details on a small car would range from £150.00 all the way up to a full colour change on a SUV being around £3000.

Are Vehicle Wraps durable?

Like paint, vinyl can be scratched or get stone chips, however the benefits of having a vehicle wrap will mean your original paintwork will be protected from these and just damage the vinyl. We offer panel wrap replacements if you do manage to incur damage, these can be bought in and re-wrapped. Areas such as the bonnet and side skirts are more likely to be susceptible to this. For longer-lasting, vibrant colour, wash your wrap on a regular basis and keep your vehicle away from possible pollutants.

How long can a Wrap last on a Car or Van?

Vinyl Wrapping allows you to change the look of your car and can be seen as a temporary change. If installed correctly the wrap can last up to 7-10 years depending on how well the wrap is cared for after installation. The vinyl has a manufactures guarantee that it will not fade in colour and the adhesive will
last the stated time. All aftercare information will be supplied on collection of your vehicle by our team of installers.

Can Vehicle Wraps be removed?

Yes, Vehicle Wraps and Vinyl Graphics can be removed and stripped back to the original paintwork this is achieved using heat such as a heat gun to allow the adhesive to become malleable and then peeled away from the car with more ease,
the car is then cleaned with glue removers. if done correctly there will be no damage to the vehicle and the paintwork.

Does a Van Wrap affect insurance?

Vinyl Wraps and Graphics can be classed as a modification to your vehicle and may affect any claims made in the future. Best practice would be to check with your insurance provider before getting the works completed, there may be a small admin fee to update this or in the case of many business insurance for company vehicles, this wouldn't be affected and would be unusual to incur any fee's or adjustments to your policy.

vehicle vinyl graphics norwich
Vehicle Graphics & Wraps Norfolk

Some examples of commercial vans and cars that our team in Norwich have professionally designed and applied vehicle graphics to.

vehicle van graphics norwich
vehicle van graphics norwich
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Vehicle Graphics & Wraps Lincolnshire

Some examples of signwriting on vans and cars that our team in Sleaford have designed and applied our vinyl wrapping and graphics service to.

vehicle van graphics sleaford
van graphics sleaford