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Catering Equipment

Displaypro manufactures Catering Equipment such as Stainless Steel Splashbacks, Shelves and Tables. Bespoke commercial kitchens can be designed and manufactured to custom specifications.

Stainless Steel Tables, Shelves, Splashbacks & Catering Appliances

At Displaypro, we pride ourselves on being a leading, premium quality manufacturing commercial kitchen equipment supplier. Manufactured in Norfolk and supplied across the UK, we offer a range of high quality kitchenware that can help restaurants, pubs, bakeries, catering businesses and other food and beverage establishments provide a safe and hygienic kitchen environment.

We manufacture stainless steel tables, gantrys, splashbacks and shelves and supply anything from convection ovens and fryers from an industry recognised supplier Lincat. Anything you need to run your catering business smoothly and efficiently, Displaypro can help.

Need bespoke sizes on any of our products, don't hesitate to contact us, or view our Bespoke Manufacturing page

Stainless Steel Shelves

If you want to maximise the use of your kitchen space, we offer an array of stock and bespoke wall-mounted shelves. We know that many city restaurants and commercial kitchens do not have a lot of floor space. By placing a wall-mounted shelf over a counter, you can make it easy for your chefs to quickly grab the right ingredients for their recipes. In addition, stainless steel shelves can also be used to store large pots and pans that can be accessed quickly when cooking. Standard sizes of our stainless steel shelving can be ordered on our website, however bespoke sizes can be made on request. 

Stainless Steel Tables

Stainless steel tables are one of the most important pieces of equipment for your restaurant, bakery, café, or catering business. Our stainless steel tables have a very smooth, flat hygienic surface that is ideal for chopping vegetables, kneading dough, tenderizing meat, and more. Displaypro have become a trusted manufacturer and supplier of commercial kitchen tables and is one of our most popular products.

These stainless steel tables are equipped with undershelves and come in several sizes so you can find the one that fits your needs and budget. We also offer additional shelves so that you can customise your stainless steel tables so that they can store more ingredients and kitchen tools. We stock different sizes of commercial tables on our website for immediate dispatch, alternatively if you require bespoke sizes our team here will happily design and manufacture to suit your kitchen.

Stainless Steel and Acrylic Splashbacks

One of the most popular choices for splashbacks is acrylic, which adds another level of “Wow factor” to your kitchen.

Acrylic splashbacks are reflective, easy to clean, and resistant to bacteria. Since they are made of robust plastic, these splashbacks can last you for several years. In addition, we offer them in a variety of beautiful colour ranges that can add a pop of vibrancy to your kitchen, or we can reverse print an image onto clear acrylic to make your kitchen totally unique.

Another very popular type of backsplash is stainless steel, increasing in popularity in domestic homes as well as being a staple in commercial kitchens, our stainless steel splashbacks will deliver a very modern finish whilst being hygienic, easy to clean and will coordinate well with your kitchen appliances. Click on the category below to check out our range of backsplashes.

Stainless Steel Equipment

If you run a catering business, veterinary clinic, surgery room, or anything else that requires sanitary and hygienic equipment, you are in luck! At Displaypro, we offer a selection of catering equipment and supplies from some of the most renowned and trusted brands in the F&B industry. By buying products from us, you can have peace of mind that you are investing in only premium quality products that will last you for a long, long time.

Some of the stainless steel equipment we offer include:

Hot pan worktop protector
Stainless steel angle corner protector
Magnetic notice board
Stainless steel fire extinguisher stand
Wooden trivet hot pan worktop saver
Wooden chopping board and butcher’s block

At Displaypro, we are proud members of ‘Made in Britain’ and all the stainless steel products we offer are made in the UK and have undergone the highest quality assurance tests. We offer stock and bespoke products and appliances from a globally renowned company, Lincat, which is continuously updating its range of appliances so that you can rest assured that your business is operating with only the best equipment in the food industry.

Catering Appliances

We offer state-of-the-art catering appliances from the leading name in the catering industry, Lincat.

The Lincat brand is specially engineered to fulfill the unique needs of every kitchen. The brand offers a range of convection ovens, pizza ovens, toasters, fryers, heated and refrigerated food display showcases, and more that deliver excellent results every time to ensure a seamless and smooth cooking experience.

Lincat offers exceptional product reliability, excellent quality, and durable construction. Shop their products on our website. We also offer 2-year warranty on parts made in the UK, as well as labour warranty on all Lincat products.