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Pavement Signs and A-boards are a great way to attract customers into your store. From Swing Signs, Chalkboards, Heavy Duty Forecourt Signs and the popular A-board, the choice is yours how you promote your company to passers by.

Pavement Signs can be seen anywhere from your local high street shop, to car parks, airports, exhibitions, trade shows and major supermarkets.

From interchangeable posters to permanent graphics to traditional chalkboards - make sure to view all our outdoor forecourt signs and choose the type that best fits with your business needs. Whether its modern or traditional, portable or heavy duty we will have the right pavement sign for you!

Why not include Waterproof Posters? These are available from our Printing Category, and will keep you advertising for longer!

As a manufacturer we can design and make to your specifications. To request bespoke Pavement Signs or bulk order discounts, submit an enquiry below.

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24 Produkte

    24 Produkte

    Chalkboards, A-Boards, & Waterbase Pavement Signs

    Pavement signs, also known as sandwich boards or A-frames, are signs that are designed to be placed on pavements or other outdoor surfaces. They are typically made of wood or plastic and have two panels that are hinged together to form an "A" shape, which allows them to stand upright on their own.

    The signs can be used to advertise sales, promotions, or other events, and can be easily moved or repositioned as needed. Pavement signs are a cost-effective way for small businesses to advertise and catch the attention of foot traffic. They are typically lightweight and easy to move around, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Some pavement signs also come with wheels for easy transportation.

    Pavement signs can be custom printed with a business's logo, hours of operation, or other important information, using our in-house printer. Displaypro can supply a complete display ready to start advertising your business.

    We offer a range of products, including:


    These are ideal to quickly change your messaging without having to get new posters printed. Many of our pavement signs can be converted to chalkboards by using the chalk board panels. Traditional chalk or chalk liquid pens can be used.


    If you want a lightweight, cost-effective pavement sign, A-boards are the most popular choice. Easy open/close snap frame, will provide a quick poster change, foldable for easy storage and available in different colours – please enquire to our customer service team.

    Swinger Pavement Sign

    Swing signs have gained popularity over the years for being heavy duty whilst easy to manoeuvre. Choose from poster pockets, where changing your advertising often is important or the Swinger pavement sign panel with a permanent weatherproof aluminium panel.

    Waterbase Pavement Signs

    A heavy-duty option to withstand more adverse weather conditions, fill with water or sand, load your posters behind the protective covers and site in prime locations to attract passing customers.

    Order Your Forecourt Signs From Displaypro Today!

    Advertising is key to attracting customers, and pavement signs are a staple for any high-street shop. Start getting your promotions more widely seen and increase your shops footfall. If you are looking for high-quality forecourt signs, call Displaypro today!


    You will most often find a Pavement Sign outside of shops, along a high street, restaurant, pub and petrol stations. These are designed to attract customers and increase footfall. Ideal to display posters, permanent graphics or hand written chalk messages that can be changed daily. Your advertising material and sign board will work together to get your shop or brand noticed!

    There are many different types of sign boards, from A-Boards, Waterbase Pavement Signs, Swing Signs, Chalkboards, Boosters and even Digital Display Boards. When choosing your sign board each have their own advantages. Understand what your priority is i.e Do I need lightweight, to frequently move locations? Do I want to display printed posters or hand write my advertisements using chalk? Asking yourself these type of questions will easily determine the type of Sign Board that would benefit your business.

    Each local council sets out their own regulations surrounding the use of Pavement Signs. Some will require a licence whilst others may simply ask for written permission. To ensure that you comply it's best to check with your local council before putting any type of A-Board or Pavement Sign outside. Check here on the governments website using your postcode for information on applying for a licence in England and Wales.

    Ideally yes. Although most will come with anti-glare covers or poster pockets offering some protection from the weather, you can further increase the longevity of your posters by purchasing Waterproof Posters. Displaypro is an all round shop, and we have in-house printers that can print these for you. Why not purchase together to complete your display, and start advertising immediately!

    Yes Displaypro can supply replacement parts, from anti-glare covers, to swing sign clips, poster pockets and panels. These are available online to order.

    Many of the pavement signs, are either lightweight, or have wheels that once tilted make it easy to move into a new place or to store. With Waterbase Signs, you can simply drain the water before
    moving, making the display lighter before using the wheels to help manoeuvre into place.

    If you already have an A-board or Booster Pavement Sign these can easily be converted into Chalkboard Signs by purchasing Chalk Panel Inserts. These are a cheap alternative than purchasing a whole new display, yet just as effective. Both Chalk and Chalk Pens are suitable to use.