Vinyl Desk Wraps for Aviva

by Gemma Bowles

We where tasked to apply vinyl wrap to desk legs for Aviva at various sites over the country, including Bristol, Sheffield, Eastleigh, London, Perth, York and Leeds. 

These desks were team tables and needed to stand out different to the others. Instead of purchasing all new tables, desk vinyl wraps were suggested as a great alternative keeping costs down, and being mindful of re-using furniture that was still in good condition, yet giving a fresh new look.

To complete the desk wraps we had to create cut files to wrap the vinyl around the bottom section of the furniture making them matt black.

desk leg vinyl wrap

These had to be completed out of hours so staff were not interrupted, we worked in teams and on weekends to keep to a tight schedule.

Another job well done, Team Displaypro!

Contact us today for a quote. Many colours available. 03330 153 450

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