Vehicle Graphics Norwich - Ukraine Medical Aid

by Gemma Bowles

Displaypro Norwich were contacted by the founders of H.E.A.T (Hostile Environment Action Team) to help provide and install Vehicle Graphics for their motorhome, which was being converted into a medical response unit, to be driven to the Ukraine.

With such acts of bravery and kindness we were only too glad to offer our help and support.

Existing Vehicle Graphics needed removing using heat guns and cleaners before applying new graphics as per our design we created for them. We used reflective vinyl so this would stand out at night and was clear to everyone who they are.

Reflective red vinyl cut graphics was applied to clients motorhome with printed contour cut graphics and wrapped sections, all installed by our qualified staff in Norwich.

We wish H.E.A.T a safe and rewarding trip helping to save lives and care for the brave civilians and soldiers defending Ukraine.

Vehicle Graphics for Ukraine Medical Truck

To donate to their efforts please visit

Best of luck H.E.A.T from all at Displaypro

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