Maintaining Your Sneeze Guard

by Brendan-James Smith

Regularly cleaning your sneeze guard is important to stop the spread of the virus, this blog will show you the most effective way to keep your sneeze guard hygienic for you and your customers. 

How to properly maintain your COVID sneeze guards  

Sneeze guards are a great way to reduce the spread of COVID-19. They are ideal for use in retail environments, hairdressers, offices, reception areas, warehouses and more! 

However, with so many people coming into contact with them, it is important that they are regularly maintained to ensure they do not spread the virus further. 


When cleaning sneeze guards and other hygiene equipment, it is important for the person who is undertaking the cleaning to ensure they are wearing adequate PPE including a face mask and disposable gloves that are not degradable. Additional PPE such as an apron may be required if there is a risk of splashing. 


If the surface of the product is visibly dirtyplease ensure it is cleaned with soap and water. Ensure your cleaning solution is applied to all parts of the sneeze guard as stipulated by the manufacturer and wipe the left-over residue away with a soft clean cloth so as to not leave any small scratches on the plastic. 

After Cleaning 

Make sure any single use cleaning products or PPE equipment are placed in a bin after use. Keep chemicals and cleaning products stored in a safe place away from customers and ensure that the cleaning process is carried out daily. 

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