How to Partition a Workspace

by Kieran Norman

With the number of cases rising within the UK, people are being more vigilant than ever to ensure they go about their day in a safe manner.

The best two ways to protect your staff and customers is one, adhere to the social distancing guidelines. So, this means wearing your mask and staying 2m away from other people outside of your household or support bubble. The other way to stop the spread is by correctly partitioning spaces within your building with protection screens / sneeze guards.

How to create an office partition?

Each space is unique and dependent on your industry, your needs will be different. If you work in an office, you will preferably want a desk partitions or and hanging screens. Retailers would be suited to checkout screens, these allow staff to interact with customers in a safe manner. But for reception areas and hairdressers, perhaps freestanding dividers would be exactly what you need!

What is Popular?

Freestanding Pro Protection Screen

The Freestanding Pro Protection Screen is constructed using strong and sturdy brushed stainless steel frame with a 3mm or 5mm acrylic sheet dependent on size.

These screens are very easy to assemble and require no additional fixings or fittings.

They are best utilised in hairdressers and barbers, offices and sitting rooms, production lines and canteens and cafes and restaurants.

Modular Testing Booth with Hatch and Reducer 

The Modular Testing Booth is a fantastic option for both testing and vaccinating. Due to it being made from high quality ACM (Aluminium Composite Material), it offers both the sturdiness and privacy whilst using it.

This product can easily be assembled by two people and is bolted together.

With the addition of a hatch and a reducer, it makes it very easy to carry out tests and vaccinations in a safe manner.

Acrylic Office Screen Desk Partition 

This beautifully designed Acrylic Office Screen Desk Partition is supplied with a unique adhesive screw-in top slot brackets to support it on any desk surface without damaging it.

This protection screen can be easily setup by one person in a matter of minutes.

It is ideal for a number of working environments such as office desks, receptions, libraries and canteens.

Clear Plastic Clamped Sneeze Guard

This Clamped Sneeze Guard has been designed for use with desks, counter-tops or any work surface with a protruding edge.

The brackets have been designed to fit any desk up to 32mm. Its clamp mechanism means you can easily adjust it to fit any work surface in and around your building.

They are fitted onto the screen via long lasting adhesive tape and support the screen well.

Available in a variety of different colours and sizes, there is an option for everyone!

Pro Sneeze Guard

Our Pro Sneeze Guard with clear acrylic screen & stainless steel legs is perfect for providing a protective screen and a clear barrier to help stop the spread of the virus.

It has a convenient hatch and reducer which can be adjusted for when interaction with customers is needed. However, if you wanted no hatch, this is an option you can choose as well!

Flat Pack Sneeze Guard with Hatch (Free-standing) 

The fastest, and most economical way to protect your staff and customers. The Flat Pack Sneeze Guard can be assembled within a matter of seconds and does not require any DIY knowledge to setup.

With the addition of a hatch, it makes it ideal for taking payment from customers in a safe manner.

Pro Hanging Protection Screen 

The Pro Hanging Protection Screen with Stainless Steel Strips is a fantastic solution to protect your staff and customers. It is ideal for packing benches, reception areas, veterinary consult tables or as a general partition in offices.

It has been designed with convenience in mind. The plastic screen can be rolled into a cardboard packing tube which makes it ideal to move around when needed.

This product is supplied with a hanging kit designed to fit a multitude of ceilings from suspended, to directly fixed onto ceiling joists.

About Displaypro

Displaypro offer a variety of products that ensure you are able to keep yourself, staff and customers safe. Our products are manufactured to ensure you are complying with the latest guidelines. All our products are made out of hard-wearing materials and are easy to assemble. To check out our full range click here.

Alternatively, we offer a bespoke service if our standard range does not quite fit your needs. To enquire about a bespoke product, click here.

If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to get in touch directly on 0333 015 3450 or email

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