6 Tips for designing a personalised business card

by Brendan-James Smith

A well-designed business card should always catch the eye and immediately build a strong first impression to prospective clients. Read on for our tips on designing a great personalised business card. 

1) The Key Details 

Start by ensuring you know which details you want to include on your business card, we recommend adding your name, phone number and email address as a minimum, though you may wish to add social media usernames, addresses and other details relevant to your business as well. Make sure whatever details you choose to include are easy to follow for the recipient. 

2) Keep It Consistent 

When designing your business card ensure that the colours, logos and fonts you use are in keeping with the rest of your brand and are easy to read. This consistency will ensure your business card looks professional and creates the striking first impression you want! 

3) Get Creative 

The more memorable your business card, the better; you could include a loyalty scheme or offer a special discount to customers with your card. If design is not your specialty, we have a team of experienced inhouse designers who can assist you in creating a striking bespoke business card. To get in contact with our design team and discuss your needs, call 0333 015 3450. 

4) The Small Things 

Make sure that your business card is clear and easy to read, when sending your artwork to us for printing ensure that it has a 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch) resolution. Similarly ensure that any fonts you have used in the design are flattened. Printing is not an exact science so you should also include a 3mm area around the edge of the business card (known as a bleed) as a margin of error. 

5) Double Check 

There is nothing worse than having a great design for your business card and sending it off to the printer and then realising there is an accidental typo. Make sure you go over it with a fine-tooth comb to ensure all the details are just as you want them. 

6) Quality Matters 

There is no point in creating a well-designed business card that is ruined by sloppy printing or low quality paper. Here at Displaypro we print all of our business cards in full colour and on high quality 350gsm matte soft touch card for a professional end product. 

About Us  

Displaypro is a leading manufacturer and supplier of printed products, you can check out our full printing range here. Alternatively if you wanted to enquire about a bespoke product you can call us on 0333 015 3450 or email hello@displaypro.co.uk. 


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