5.1 M Printed Feather Flag Large Water Base


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Perfect for car forecourts, sports events or anything else you might want them for - who are we to tell you otherwise?
Fully digitally printed*, sewn and finished here in the UK!
Our UV stable inks are weather resistant - your product will not be let down with fading colours.
We use water-based inks - much better for the environment!
Your choice of fabrics include knitted polyester, or aero mesh for windy weather.
Our aluminum hardware is tough as old boots (very tough), and easy as pie to assemble (very easy).
Our frames range from 2.3 to 5.15 metres in height**, making them perfect for promoting your brand, and tickling giants.
We have a range of bases so that you can fly your flag anywhere!

*Remember, we print digitally and do not charge based on colours used, so your design options are endless.

**These sizes are the height of the full frame, not just the print area!