New Pro Sneeze Guard with Acrylic Screen & Stainless Steel Legs

With the demand for sneeze guards and checkout screens rising we have been working hard to produce an updated, durable and easy to supply version of our current very popular range of 1-piece clear plastic checkout screens.

 Pro Sneeze Guard with Stainless Steel legs

We have designed a new range of sneeze guard checkout screens that utilises the materials that we have at our disposal. These professional sneeze guards with stainless steel legs and hatch reducer, designed to fit checkout tills and customer service areas, are the combination of development from a mixture of recent client feedback and bespoke orders. We are however still taking bespoke orders for screens if our stock sizes do not meet your requirements.
Please email with your size requirements.  
These screens can be easily fitted to existing shop tills and customer service areas with the retro fit design simple to secure down. This can be achieved either with screws for a permanent fixture, or adhesive tape can be used for an easily removable option so there is no need to drill holes into work surfaces. (fixtures not included)
Our Pro Sneeze Guard Screens are designed to create a barrier between staff and customers, limiting direct interactions between people and in turn reducing the potential spread of viruses and germs in shops and supermarkets. The adjustable hatch opening allows the screen to be fully closed as required or opened to allow larger items through, with an opening of 350mm Wide x 300mm High.


    • Brushed stainless steel support legs
    • Clear acrylic screen with large hatch opening
    • Hatch reducer to close the opening
    • Flat pack design for ease of transport and storage
    • Safe to use in contact with food and easy to clean
    • Secure to work top with screws or adhesive tape (sold separately)
    • 100% Recyclable

     Pro Sneeze Guard with Stainless Steel legs